Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mirko Zeppellini alias John Kaylin & Silent Productions LLC, 425 Broadway #222, Santa Monica CA, USA

If you have any dealings with Mirko Zeppellini a.k.a. John Kaylin (MZ/JK) and Silent Productions LLC - 425 Broadway, #222, Santa Monica, CA 90401, CA Reg. # 200905410056 - you may be interested to know the following FACTS :


A Debtor Judgment against MZ/JK and Silent Productions LLC was issued on October 28, 2009, by the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, West District 19484, Santa Monica Courthouse, Case SM 09A02614, for non payment of services rendered, ie: Italian to English TRANSLATION costs totaling US $4,150.00 + US $102.00 Plaintiff's court costs.

TRANSLATION service specs, agreement & proof of timely delivery available upon request.


In December of 2008 MZ/JK and Silent Productions failed to pay another unsuspecting self-employed professional for PR services, Imma Puzio Comunicazione Ufficio Stampa PR,

Imma Puzio's confirmation of predatory activity available upon request.


MZ/JK and Silent Productions failed to pay another unsuspecting, self-employed professional artist for concerts: the well known concert pianist, David Helfgott, a man who battled schizophrenia!,

David Helfgott's secretary confirmation of predatory activity available upon request.

These are FACTS, not opinions.

Predatory activities by MZ/JK & Silent Productions LLC reported above are against minority business: women and handicapped !

Shame, humiliation and privacy concerns keep victims of predatory actions by MZ/JK and Silent Productions LLC from informing other possible victims.

This allows MZ/JK and Silent Productions LLC to carry on predatory activities.


Dulcis in fundo:


a December 08 Rome PR event announcing a "benefit" concert that never took place:


a failed Moliere-style scheme to use an unsuspecting and reputable US Veteran organization,, and the City of Santa Monica for a

" 9/11 2009 benefit concert " doomed from the start. .....

.......Trying to make a buck out of 9/11 !

Further details are available upon request.


  1. Any new info on this guy. Currently he is in Las Vegas and trying to get info..

    1. Is he in jail in Parhump Nevada? You may want to check Nevada Southern Detention Center.